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Borescope Inspection of the Burners of a Furnace

Winter is on the way, so I thought it would be a good time to inspect the burners, ignitor, and heat sensor of my Goodman furnace. Better to find any problems while it's still warm than after winter sets in.

The thing I had to be careful of during this inspection (besides turning off the gas and power to the furnace) was to not touch the ignitor with the borescope. The ignitors are very brittle and break very easily. The idea of non-destructive inspection is to not break things. Breaking the ignitor in the process of inspecting the furnace would defeat the purpose of the inspection.

The burners actually aren't in bad shape. I replaced them a couple of winters ago. I'll clean the burners with a bristle brush and a shop vac to break off the loose rust. The rest will burn off the first time the burner is fired up for the season.

This video was shot using a DEPSTECH DS-450 Dual-Lens Industrial Endoscope, using both the front-facing and side-facing cameras. It's quite a nice borescope for the price. The video was edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium.

Special Offer: Get 10 Percent Off on DEPSTECH Borescopes

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