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Borescope Video of Shredded Paper in a Recycling Bin

This borescope video started out as one of those pointless videos I make just because something is convenient. In this case that something was the shredded papers in my office recycling bin after having been shredded in my crosscut paper shredder.

What I found rather shocking was how easy some of the paper was to read after having been shredded. Maybe it's because I already knew what it said before it was shredded; but I'm no longer so sure that a determined identity thief couldn't reassemble those shreds into documents.

I'm not going to toss my shredders as long as they keep working because my shredded papers simply wouldn't be worth the bother of putting back together. But when the shredders have to be replaced, I'll definitely be replacing them with high-security shredders.

This video was shot using a DEPSTECH DS-450 Dual-Lens Industrial Endoscope using the side-facing camera, and edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium.

Special Offer: Get 10 Percent Off on DEPSTECH Borescopes

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