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Using a Borescope's Hook Attachment to Retrieve Dropped Keys

In this video, I used my borescope with its included hook attachment to retrieve a set of keys dropped behind a wooden file cabinet. The hook attachment is also useful for retrieving wedding rings or other jewelry from drains or other narrow spaces, or picking up dropped Ethernet cables from behind computer desks or in other hard-to-reach areas.

In this video, the hook is the blurry dark thing extending into the center of the raster. It's too close to the lens to be in sharp focus; but it's sharp enough to see the direction the hook is facing to make it easier to snag the key ring.

This video was shot using a DEPSTECH DS-450 Dual-Lens Industrial Endoscope with its included magnetic tip attachment and edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium.

Special Offer: Get 10 Percent Off on DEPSTECH Borescopes

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